Modern Human is a director with an advanced working knowledge of storytelling, cinematography, editing, sound design, and music composition. 
He recently directed the feature film Cellphone, out now on Apple TV and Amazon, starring Whitney Rose Pynn, Justin Jackson and Malcolm McDowell. Heaven of Horror said, "Cellphone is staying with me in ways I would expect from a Jordan Peele or Ari Aster movie." and The Horror Revolution said, "The Sommer's are very talented, and their brand of horror feels very Absentia-era Flanagan."
He has also directed several short films, including A Relationship, The Perfect Cupcake and Stone 7. The last of which was hailed by 2nd unit director, Robert Grassmere (The Gift), as “the best film I’ve seen all year.” He has also directed ads for Coca-Cola, 7UP, Purina and Kleenex and worked on creative marketing for Juicy Couture, Martha Stewart, Williams Sonoma, and Target.